The War – Part 2 with Belinda Robertson

Never believe that you are struggling alone. Never believe that you can’t do anything to change the situation. Always say what GOD says, always do what HE said to do – Put on the full armor and testify.

This battle is not fought in our strength. Jesus Christ shed His blood for our sins. The victory was won by sacrifice – Christ’s death in our place, and the sacrifices we make because of our faith in Him. Your tempting comes from Satan. You have a place prepared for you. He (Satan) wants to kill your dreams and your spirit. Give your testimony – The more you testify, the more you increase the Kingdom of God – Exhort your brothers and sisters – Build faith within you and others.

The War – Part 1 with Belinda Robertson

Well thank you LORD, that is not the plan for you and I. We were brought with a price. We have been redeemed – which means taken back from who captured us and held us in bondage.

But we are in a War! The one who we were saved from is very angry. He will do everything he can to distract us from knowing who we belong to. Jesus gave us a line-up of his weapons – Steal, Kill, and Destroy. He carries this out by deception. Every thing he does is a lie – He even lied to Jesus after he thought HE was too weak to make a sound decision.

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